Check out the new Cisco UCS Hardening Guide white paper which is now released and available on the Cisco Security Portal. The paper outlines and highlights security best practices for Cisco UCS.

This paper provides information to help users secure Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) platform and provides guidance on how to harden Cisco UCS Software features. The paper provides references to lots of related documentation.

Please access it using the following URL:



I Love UCS Hat

UCS Poster 1024x666 Cisco Unified Computing Product Poster

UCS Poster

Hardware as a “Pile of Resources”, and manufactured personalities.

FAQ from Webcast on Cisco UCS B series Upgrade & Troubleshooting


Questions asked during the Live Expert Webcast on September 16, 2014 with Cisco subject matter experts Varun Mehta and Anupam Asthana explaining the basics of Cisco UCS (Unified Computing System), show a demo around upgrade process, and share some troubleshooting tips and tricks with UCS. With lots of companies adopting Cisco UCS, there is need to understand the UCS architecture and the complete firmware upgrade procedure which would help customers/partners to maintain and operate the UCS environment effectively.

reddit 1024x710 Real World UCS makes Reddit

RealWorldUCS makes Reddit

Big Data is not just about gathering tons of data, the digital exhaust from the internet, social media, and customer records.  The real value is in being able to analyze the data to gain a desired business outcome.

Cisco has been working on making this vision of pervasive use of Big Data within enterprises a reality. We’d like to share this vision with you in an upcoming blog series and executive Webcast entitled, ‘Unlock Your Competitive Edge with Cisco Big Data Solutions’, that will air on October 21st at 9:00 AM PT.

Register for even here:

Event Summary

  • Event type: Online Event
  • 21-Oct-2014 09:00 AM PST
  • Duration: 45 minutes

This is the worst possible architecture UCS could ever have the misfortune of being a part of.

X-IO X-Pod for VDI
With Cisco UCS servers and VMware Horizon View

UCS’ers out there, stay away from X-IO systems.

Great post on this over at UCSGuru

 Understanding UCS VIF Paths

UCSGuru covers the details of the new M4’s. Some serious computing power updates. Images below also link to UCSGuru post.

 Cisco UCS New M4 Additions!


 Cisco UCS New M4 Additions!


 Cisco UCS New M4 Additions!


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