Lots of Hadoop is running on UCS systems. If you are wondering what’s happening, on your Hadoop cluster, watch this.

The Sushi Principle: Raw Data Is Better – Bobby Johnson and Joseph Adler from Interana on Vimeo.

Ever have that silly thing expire?

The following example regenerates the default key ring:

UCS-A# scope security
UCS-A /security # scope keyring default
UCS-A /security/keyring* # set regenerate yes
UCS-A /security/keyring* # commit-buffer
UCS-A /security/keyring

Not UCS related, but very cool. If you run Linux check this out!

Introducing Vector: Netflix’s On-Host Performance Monitoring Tool



Cisco Blog post here:

How and Why We Created “Software Defined Networking for Dummies”

Or forget that, I just want the dang book!

Software Defined Networking for Dummies

Cabling sucks. UCS is the answer!

Cisco SingleConnect Technology in action

Cisco SingleConnect Technology in action

Cisco UCS Mini Finalist for Best of Interop Awards 2015

UCS Mini is gong to be a big deal in future UCS builds. Perfect setup for a 1 chassis system.

Cisco UCS Central 1.3(1a) is out!

UCS Management Tech Talk on UCS Central 1.3 at https://communities.cisco.com/docs/DOC-57385.

There are three key areas that have been changed in UCS Central 1.3.  This includes a new HTML 5 User Interface, feature enhancements, and pre-enabled support for M-Series servers.

UCS Central 1.3 has support for M-Series servers. M-Series servers are supported through a platform specific release – UCS Manager 2.5(1) MS. UCS Central 1.3 supports UCS Manager 2.5(1) MS and all other UCS Manager releases newer than UCS Manager 2.1(2a) in the same UCS Central instance.

UCS Central Software Download – available in OVA or ISO formats

UCS Central Release Notes

UCS Central Product Documentation

UCS Central page on Cisco.com

UCS Communities Page


Very good article and video on Cisco UCS focusing on Oracle integration benefits.

UCS at Collaborate 15: Simplify, Save, Increase Efficiency and Redefine the Word “Hardware”


Since Cisco UCS Mini launched last September, Cisco and our partners (Citrix, EMC, Microsoft, NetApp, Nimble Storage, Oracle, SAP, and VMware) have been hard at work putting together a wide variety of solutions.

Read More Cisco UCS Mini – Powering Microsoft Applications

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