Streamed live on Sep 18, 2014

Join the Cisco UCS team for a lively discussion on the next wave of Unified Computing innovation. We’ll discuss Cisco’s strategy in the Data Center, the state-of-the-state of the UCS business, and the impact customers can expect to see from the wide range of new technology that was announced on September 4th. Expect a fun discussion with this cast of characters.

The UCS “Grand Slam” is getting good press. Links to many articles in Cisco blog link below.

UCS “Grand Slam” Announcement is a Hit: Press Comments and Press Coverage Summary

In this week’s episode of Engineers Unplugged, Cisco’s CTO, Padmasree Warrior (@padmasree) and Satinder Sethi (VP, UCS Product Management and Data Center Solutions) whiteboard the UCS Grand Slam announcement, and what it means for customers and for the modern data center. Don’t miss this one!

Cisco is making some nice servers.

“Our goal is to be No. 1 in computing worldwide,” says Paul Perez, vice president and general manager of the business Cisco calls UCS, for unified computing system.

BN EJ435 CiscoS G 20140903152909 Cisco Moves Beyond Blades to Slice Off More Server Sales

The new UCS Mini is covered.

Streamed live on Sep 9, 2014
Join Cisco Technical Marketing Engineers and other data center management experts for a discussion on the newly introduced type of UCS domain focuses at remote / branch office deployments. You will learn in detail and see demonstrations of the newly released solution including hardware components, network connectivity options, and manageability of the solution. This TechTalk will feature the newly released UCS 6324 Fabric Interconnect, UCS Manager version 3.0(1), and managing the branch office solution at scale with UCS Central.

When: September 9, 2014 8:00-9:00am PST

Moderator :
Eric Williams, Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco

Jason Shaw, Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco
David Nguyen, Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco
Tony Harvey, Product Manager, Cisco

Got Cisco UCS 2.2(2c) installed, now how do I configure NetFlow? It looks so sad and blank icon sad UCS Code 2.2(2c) installed, now how do I configure NetFlow?

Found some documentation for UCSM 2.2 and setting up NetFlow

netflow 1024x874 UCS Code 2.2(2c) installed, now how do I configure NetFlow?

Cisco UCS NetFlow

The Real World UCS “Bad-Ass” Blade Server Award Winner!

UCSGuru as always has the “Mad Knowledge” on the latest version of UCS Hardware

The new M-Series Modular Servers are a an amazing leap in UCS Blade Hardware.

“Each 2RU M-Series Chassis can contain up to 8 front loading UCS M142 “Compute Cartridges” and each Compute Cartridge contains 2 independent Compute Nodes, each with a single Intel XEON 4Core E3 processor and 32GB RAM (4 DIMM Slots), with no Network Adapters, No storage and no peripherals. Just raw Compute and Memory” ~ from UCSGuru

 Cisco UCS: Major Announcement (E3 “Compute Cartridges”)

M-Series Modular Servers

Here is a picture from Chris Wahl on google+

Here is one “cartridge” for the new M-series architecture. It is two nodes of E3 compute with up to 64 GB of RAM (today)

IMG 20140904 120204217 HDR Cisco UCS: Major Announcement (E3 “Compute Cartridges”)

E3 compute

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