Manager 2.2(4b) now available for download!

For all new HW/SW features see below release notes:

RWUCS Approved

RWUCS Approved

Closing UCS Business Quick & Easy with the NEW SmartPlay Select Program


The building block approach creates valuable use cases for SmartPlay Select:

  • Buy only what building blocks you need
  • Leverage the fabric interconnect only building block for customers looking to upgrade from the older 6100 Series Fabric Interconnect
  • C-Series servers are available without fabric interconnects. Use these for edge deployments or expanding an existing C-Series deployment where Fabric Interconnects are already present
  • UCS Mini can leverage either M3 or M4 B200 servers based on customers’ needs


vBlock Everyone Gets a Byte

Have mixed emotions about VCE/vBlock. If that much infrastructure is needed that is quite a large managed service. Think most vBlocks could be avoided and a better infrastructure built with a “little more time, money, and investment in IT staff knowledge”. vBlocks are the “diet pills” of IT infrastructure.

Read More:

Our partnerships with EMC and VCE are as strong as ever. Vblock continues to be the leading solution in the integrated systems market. Cisco Solutions for VSPEX now have more than 25 validated designs that combine Cisco UCS, Nexus, and VNX/VNXe storage with a choice of hypervisors.

Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure at EMC World 2015

Cisco you went Full Retard

Cisco you went Full Retard


UCS Blade Code only updates through UCSM but not reboot from OS?

Cisco… You Went Full Retard

After the Automated Blade Code Update servers are left at “User Acknowledge” usually.


B & C Series Blade code does not update with a reboot from the OS. It does if User Acknowledge is selected from UCSM. Understandable that the option to ignore OS reboots and “Not” update blade code should exist. But to have no option to allow does not work for “Real World UCS”.


A good deal of the Server Team end users don’t know what a UCS is or have only KVM access if that. This creates a hard situation for UCS Administrators. A server reboot has to be coordinated with UCSM User Acknowledge reboot. How is this manageable especially with multi-tenant UCS IaaS?


Is there a way to set the UCS to update B & C Series code when rebooted from the OS? If not…
New UCS Central 01

UCS Team Central Upgrade Process

1) Login to UCS Central and backup of config

Central Backup Config
2) Snapshot Central VM

3) Go to VM “Edit Properties” and set CD/DVD to ISO in Datastore

Force BIOS Setup
4) Reboot VM from within UCS Central Console

connect local-mgmt
The system will be rebooted.  Are you sure? (yes/no): yes

5) Check BIOS Settings and ensure ISO will be booted from

BIOS Settings


Exit and allow boot

5) Follow upgrade process

Upgrade Existing Cisco UCS Central 01

Upgrade Existing Cisco UCS Central 02
6) Validate upgrade (Are all the UCS’s still there?). The new interface is different for sure!

Login to the new Cisco UCS Central, but switch to the “New Age” interface first (if you pack the gear).

Switch to Next Generation UCS Interface


Following Login Screen

Switch to Next Generation UCS Interface 02

Welcome to the New UCS Central!

New UCS Central 01

Crap, where is all my stuff now? Looks cool though.

To get back to previous default view.

Get to Standard 01

Get to Standard 02

Cisco UCS Central Software before 1.3(1a) allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary commands via a crafted HTTP request, aka Bug ID CSCut46961.
Publish Date : 2015-05-06 Last Update Date : 2015-05-11


This was a very early system and really ground breaking. It was one of the first water powered metal UCS systems. Only 420 were made in Seattle, WA. These went out of style in 1933 when IBM Power Systems became a standard until 1954 when Cisco became a player in the server market again.

Early Concept Water Power Cisco UCS

Early Concept Water Power Cisco UCS


It was pretty bad-ass from the start… These models went out of production in 1933 when fully automatic weapons became illegal without expensive licensing.

Early Concept UCS

Early Concept UCS

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