Passed CCNP SWITCH today!!!

Say What? I would just backup the UCS nightly in one of the many automated ways. Still this is interesting.

Agile, End-to-end, Scalable Data Protection for Cisco UCS Based Data Centers with Symantec NetBackup

Whether you are deploying UCS with your own choices of storage or consuming it as part of popular converged infrastructure solutions like NetApp FlexPod or VCE VBLOCK, there is more great news for Cisco UCS customers. Symantec NetBackup now announces protection for Cisco UCS service profiles thereby enabling end-to-end coverage for UCS based data center across bare-metal, virtualized and converged deployments

Tired Of Baiting Salesforce, Larry Ellison Takes It To Cisco

Not ever sure what to make of this. This is interesting but the real question is could Oracle Engineered Systems escape from being Oracle specific? If so could UCS have a competitor one day?  

Oracle has just launched its latest converged offering, the Oracle Engineered Systems. Oracle’s solution goes head to head with Cisco’s VCE product that is itself a combination of kit and skills from Cisco, VMware and EMC. And this is where Ellison chimes in. He suggests that having one vendor produce all parts of the solution is best:

We’ve engineered all the pieces to work together, and we test all the software to work with the hardware. Relying on a system assembled with parts from three different vendors is more complex in the end

Some very good number work on Cisco UCS server compute to $.

Cisco retools UCS server line

Created Sep 4, 2014 5:00 AM PT so a little dated but interesting.

UCS now has 36,500 customers, is on a $3 billion annual run rate and experiencing 30%+ annual growth, and 85% of the Fortune 500 have invested in the product, Cisco says.

The 6324 costs $19,680 for a bundle consisting two UCS B200 M3 servers and two 6324 interconnects.

The M-Series servers cost $263,832 for an 80 node deployment on 40 dual CPU cartridges, or $3,298 per server. The UCS C3160 costs $35,396. The 6324 Fabric Interconnect is available now. The M-Series will be available in December and the C3160 is available in October.

Good to have in the notes.

Visual Guide to collect Tech Support files (B and C series)

If you absolutely must have stand alone C-Series… manage with Cisco IMC Supervisor.
It isn’t bad.

UCS Tech Talk: Cisco Standalone C-Series Integrated management Controller (IMC) 2.0

Streamed live on Jun 17, 2014
Join Cisco Technical Marketing Engineers and other data center management experts for a discussion on the features and capabilities of the Cisco Integrated Management Controller v2.0. This new software release is available on our C22 M3, C24 M3, C220 M3 and C240 M3 platform and introduces new innovative capabilities which will enable Cisco Server administrators to be more efficient. We will also have a special guest share a publicly available Python Library that he designed to interact with C-Series servers and exploit capabilities associated with CIMC 2.0.

Very interested in checking this out. Post some feedback in the comments if you are working with it.

Cisco UCS Performance Manager

Cisco UCS Performance Manager Express Introduction

Monitoring UCS Integrated Infrastructure with UCS Performance Manager

Join Cisco data center management experts for a discussion on better visibility into UCS and UCS Integrated Infrastructure using UCS Performance Manager. You will learn more about the commonly asked performance monitoring capabilities, features of UCS Performance Manager and the value it can provide to the customers. You will see a demo of the product on how it will help in your understanding of UCS and Integrated Infrastructure health and performance, quickly identify bottlenecks to eliminate/reduce downtime and help in capacity planning.

Cisco Blog has a post on UCS Performance Manager

Announcing Cisco UCS Performance Manager: Performance monitoring and capacity planning for UCS integrated infrastructures


Cisco UCS UCSM NetFlow

Cisco UCS UCSM NetFlow

Using the below two links for documentation was able to setup NetFlow on a UCS Emulator (v2.2(3a)). See above result in UCSM. 

Cisco UCS Manager CLI Configuration Guide, Release 2.2

Cisco UCS NetFlow Support

Had to make a few slight adjustments to what is listed to cut and paste from Cisco UCS Manager CLI Configuration Guide, Release 2.2 and those are listed below. Looking forward to getting this working on a real UCS.
# Configuring a Flow Record Definition

# L2 Keys

scope eth-flow-mon
enter flow-record r1
set keytype l2keys
set l2keys src-mac-address dest-mac-address ethertype
set nonkeys counter-bytes-long counter-packets-long sys-uptime-first sys-uptime-last

# L3 Keys

scope eth-flow-mon
enter flow-record r2
set keytype ipv4keys
set ipv4keys ipv4-src-address ipv4-dest-address src-port dest-port ip-protocol ip-tos
set nonkeys counter-bytes-long counter-packets-long sys-uptime-first sys-uptime-last

# Configuring an Exporter Profile
# are FI Management IP’s.
# I don’t get the vlan entry for this, since management IP’s are plugging into access ports.

scope eth-flow-mon
scope flow-profile default
enter vlan 1
enter fabric a
set addr subnet
enter fabric b
set addr subnet

# Configuring a Netflow Collector
# set addr is server to send NetFlow data to
# set exporter-gw is gateway for management IP’s on FI’s

scope eth-flow-mon
enter flow-collector c1
set dest-port 9991
set vlan default
enter ip-if
set addr
set exporter-gw

# Configuring a Flow Exporter

scope eth-flow-mon
enter flow-exporter ex1
set dscp 6
set flow-collector c1
set exporter-stats-timeout 600
set interface-table-timeout 600
set template-data-timeout 600

# Configuring a Flow Monitor

scope eth-flow-mon
enter flow-monitor m1
set flow-record r1
create flow-exporter ex1
create flow-exporter ex2

# Configuring a Flow Monitor Session
# Note: (Receive, Transmit added and noted)

scope eth-flow-mon
enter flow-mon-session s1
create flow-monitor m1r receive
create flow-monitor m1t transmit
# Configuring NetFlow Cache Active and Inactive Timeout:
# This is the minimum that will config

scope eth-flow-mon
scope flow-timeout default
set cache-timeout-active 60
set cache-timeout-inactive 15
# Associating a Flow Monitor Session to a vNIC:

Scope org /
scope service-profile sp1
Scope vnic eth0
enter flow-mon-src s1
# and after all that…
cisco-ucspe# Scope org /
cisco-ucspe /org # scope service-profile sp1
cisco-ucspe /org/service-profile # Scope vnic eth0
cisco-ucspe /org/service-profile/vnic # enter flow-mon-src s1
cisco-ucspe /org/service-profile/vnic/flow-mon-src* # commit-buffer
Error: Update failed: [The adapter with vnic org-root/ls-sp1/ether-eth0 does not support netflow]

What connecting NetFlow to a Service Profile Template/vNIC template looks like

Cisco UCSM NetFlow Attach to Serice Profile Template / vNIC Template

Cisco UCSM NetFlow Attach to Serice Profile Template / vNIC Template

Cisco UCS and MS-SQL do work well together.

Cisco and Microsoft in 2014, the Year in Review

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Launch Video with Cisco’s Satinder Sethi


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