Still on the fence as to the value of Invicta. Cisco needs to give me a POC icon smile Cisco Social Media People, have a Google Hangout and talk about Invicta
Really think Cisco is failing to get across “what Invicta is”. Is it a RAM SAN? If so, it isn’t new. How exactly does it integrate with UCS more so than any other storage device with Flash or RAM caching or tiers?

Hey Cisco Social Media People, have a Google Hangout and talk about Invicta. Invite me if you want some street cred icon smile Cisco Social Media People, have a Google Hangout and talk about Invicta

How are Cisco UCS and Invicta changing data center performance?

Published on Mar 11, 2014

How UCS and Invicta are so much less about the architecture of the server itself but more around end to end performance and how it is connected to everything else in the data center. Shot at Cisco Live Milan 2014

Have done this many times. Cisc UCS integrated perfect with Microsoft AD. Actually prefer it to TACAS.

Looked through this. Worth getting the Kindle version. It is a good walk-through of UCS components and first time setup. Worth having for references like IOM model features. Very good book to go through before first time setting up a UCS, or to learn the basics. Good for new people on an Operations team that will be working with UCS. 

 Book Implementing Cisco UCS Solutions Book Implementing Cisco UCS Solutions


 Book Implementing Cisco UCS Solutions Book Implementing Cisco UCS Solutions

Still on the fence if the E-Series has much value. But they are cool and Cisco is keeping development active.


From the official blurb..

Cisco UCS vCenter Plug-in is an extension for the vSphere Web Client v5.1 or higher. It enables virtualization administrators to view, manage and monitor various aspects of Cisco UCS physical infrastructure. The result is a single pane of glass for Virtual Center users to get both physical and virtual infrastructure information for a given hypervisor.

Not working with VMWare these days, let me know how this operates. If you do a skype or google video will post it here.

Let’s help this guy out.:

His question

New to Cisco UCS – What does it take to maintain?

Network and Systems Manager at Cook County Sheriff’s Department
We’re standing up our first Cisco Flexpod solution. Some 18TB of storage (NetAPP), 10 Servers, tons of memory, etc. We’re going the Hyper-V route rather than VMware.

I’m interested in hearing what support on a weekly basis might take – I’m really thinking I might need a full time individual to look after the storage, monitor the various servers, etc.

Anyone care to share their experiences?

Some cool stuff in round #1 of the Cisco UCS Power Scripting Contest.

New UCS Domain Config

Alberto Yanes created a script for a company that needs to configure a new UCS domain with no Fibre Channel connectivity. Alberto is also the winner of the first intermediate prize – Beats by Dre Headphones.

UCS HealthCheck

By Cisco’s Brandon Beck, Datacenter Consulting System Engineer. He started with the excellent work done by Jeremy Waldrop of Varrow. The output is very detailed and makes use of HTML5.

Inventory and Fault collection data to Microsoft SQL

By Cisco’s Chris Atkinson, Technical Marketing Engineer. This script is used to collect Cisco UCS inventory and insert the collected object data into a MS SQL database.  This script does it’s best to convert the hierarchical data from UCS into a relational model.  This allows the user to easily join fields from the database.

Rename Hyper-V NICs

By Cisco’s Tim Cerling, Technical Marketing Engineer. The script renames the NICs on the host to match the names on the Service Profile.

Server Imaging can be policy based in UCSM 2.2! That is pretty cool.

Latest and greatest on UCS 2.2 including flexflash

Published on Apr 10, 2014

Join Cisco Technical Marketing Engineers for a discussion on Cisco UCS Director. In this session you will have the opportunity to see how Cisco UCS Director reduces data center complexity through centralized automation and management of the industry’s leading converged infrastructure solutions based on Cisco UCS.

Moderator: Joann Starke, PRODUCT MARKETING MANAGER, Cisco
Michael Zimmerman, Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco
Phani Penmethsa, Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco
Shankar Varanasy, Product Manager, Cisco
Sri Hary Vengadasubbu, Product Manager, Cisco

Relevant Links
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Published Docs includes links to Installation, Upgrade, Configuration, Management, Integration, Administration and End User Guides
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RealWorldUCS (Craig) was featured in a promotional video by EMC!

We connect our UCS systems to EMC Isilon NAS systems for 10G NAS Epicness.

Microsoft Xbox Video Relies on EMC Isilon to Support Their Explosive Growth

EMC Whitepaper “EMC Isilon supports explosive growth of Xbox Video entertainment service”

Mentioned at ISILON Blog “Celebrating 10 Year At Next Week’s National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show!

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