RWUCS’s take is “Cisco stop doing what your not good at, and nobody wants. Focus on switching and routing and UCS and drop all the rest. Honestly it is like watching a person drown who will not let go of an anchor”.

Cisco Systems Inc is laying off about 14,000 employees, representing nearly 20 percent of the network equipment maker’s global workforce, technology news site CRN reported, citing sources close to the company.

So far plagued with boot from SAN issues. Through MDS fabric at that!

Found it to be an issue with the 1340 VIC cards. Booting via Boot Policy through the 1340 card causing intermittent Boot from SAN errors. Boot through 1380 and disable 1340 ports for work around.

B420 Server running 3.1(1H) code with 1340 (1), 1380 (3), and Port Expander on 1340 (2).

adapterpost02If anyone has a diagram of how data flows through a B420 with 1340 (and expander card) and 1380 with a 2304 IOM upstream please send. Will add to this article and as a post. So far have not been able to find that diagram from Cisco. That don’t mean it don’t exist though, someplace.

Remember UCS’s are made from the finest gunmetal. Here is a great way to preserve UCS for ourselves and future generations. 

“I don’t want to die without any scars.” ~ Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club


I mean honestly… the blast furnace looks so primal and alive… there is a Sage of “The Knowledge of Metal” mixing the alchemical process… There is a state of transmutation that the Alchemist Sage has mastered, and guides the nervous metal elements through into a new refinement. Just like the Shamans or Sage that communities used to support that lived on the edge of town next to the forest.

I envy the guy honestly. As a UCS Master I can slightly identify, but have to admit the medium I work with is pretty flaccid.

Got “one of those chain mails today” about forward this to however many people and good karma to follow. I really hate those things… but for fun, here is the good part:

“The universe has seen you struggling with some things and says it over. a blessing is coming your way”

Leaving out the forward to however many friends part… this is all yours. Have a good Sunday and enjoy your blessings.

Infrastructure as Code Meets Configuration Automation

Cisco UCS systems were designed from their beginning over seven ago to provide best in class software-defined infrastructure.  Every system is managed byUCS Manager, and there are programmatic interfaces to all components. UCS truly is “infrastructure as code”.   Treating infrastructure as code has many of benefits, including faster configuration workflows and faster application life cycles overall.

The best feature of the new 3.1x Cisco UCS Code levels. Now a Maintenance Policy that allows blades to update code on reboot initiated from OS. Let there be much rejoicing! Praise be on high! Cisco has made Maintenance Policies Great Again!


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