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Cisco UCS Delivers Industry’s Best 4-Socket Server SPECjbb2015 MultiJVM Performance

Some of the key highlights of Cisco’s new SPECjbb2015 benchmark results are:

  • When tuned for max-jOPS, the Cisco UCS C460 M4 delivered a score of 171,642, more than 18 percent higher than HP’s best score for the 4-socket HP ProLiant DL580 Gen9 server
  • When tuned for critical-jOPS, the Cisco UCS C460 M4 delivered a score of 99,646, or almost 96 percent higher than HP’s best posted result.
  • Your real-world workloads may require maximum interactive responsiveness or maximum throughput, and these results demonstrate that you can tune your Cisco UCS® C460 M4 Rack Server to achieveworld-record-setting performance by either measure.


Going to try this out. Will be using B series and C series servers.



Little late, but I sent one today.

Veterans Day Care Package

Product Highlights:

In our goal to reach wounded veterans who dream of an outdoor adventure, we have collaborated with Wounded Warrior Outdoors to get Wilderness Athlete Care Packages into the hospitals that are caring for these brave men and women. Help us say thank you by sending a care package to a wounded warrior, and aid in their recovery and pursuit of an outdoor adventure.

To do our part, Wilderness Athlete will match each gift purchased. You purchase one care package, and we’ll send two!

**NOTE: CUSTOMERS WHO PURCHASE THIS PACKAGE WILL NOT BE RECEIVING THIS PRODUCT.** The package will be sent directly to a hospitalized veteran.

Veterans Day

Hang in there Solders.


Kicking Ass! All managed via UCSM.

These world-record results were achieved using Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure for Big Data powered by Cisco UCS C240 M4 Rack Servers interconnected using two Cisco UCS 6296 96-Port Fabric Interconnects with embedded management using Cisco UCS Manager and a Cisco Nexus® 9372PX Switch. Check out the Performance Brief and UCS Industry Benchmarks Summary for additional information on the benchmark configuration. The detailed official benchmark disclosure report is available at the TPC Website.

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Good Diagram for the wall, and good article.

Source UCS Command Line Shells



Unfortunately as Donald found out this is an “All or nothing” deal, unless ALL of the VLANs on a vNIC exist on a single uplink that entire vNIC and ALL its associated VLANs will not come up. Or as in this case will just shut down.

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This is a PSA for the EMC peeps out there. Some UCS’s are attached to FI’s directly or in use via SAN. I am a big EMC fan so rather surprised by this.

XtremeIO, The Problem

The big issue at the moment is that existing EMC XtremIO customers are staring down the barrel of a destructive firmware upgrade (code version 2.4 –> 3.x). Yes destructive! Meaning if you leave your data on the system while EMC perform the upgrade, you get a free data wipe as part of the service!

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