Honestly, if this isn’t funny your are too grown up!

Array Hole to a Span


Totally Bad-Ass! Cisco UCS C3260 = 512 TB RAM & 360 TB Disk with 4 x 40 Gbps of I/O throughput



No big UCS News recently. Everyone is waiting for the 6300 Series FI’s and IOM’s to come out.

So a Tech PSA! :)

Tech Workers don’t be victims, just learn faster. Be “Tech Operators” and strive for impeccability in Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Increasingly, U.S. IT workers are alleging discrimination


Make trees not war! Somehow this must be UCS related, even if only in its spirit of ingenuity.


Found my way into UCS Perf Mon MySQL DB. I want the reports I want!!! Toad Power!

Perf Mon MySQL

Product ID (PID) N20-BKVM=

PID Description KVM local IO cable for UCS servers console port

It is a KVM Local I/O Cable for all who have wondered exactly what that cably thing is called.

KVM Local IO Cable

A Cisco Validated Design (CVD) for IBM BigInsights for Apache Hadoop now exists…

Just when you think IBM was like:

Dead Dinosaur Park[1]

It becomes like:


This solution is built on Cisco UCS infrastructure using Cisco UCS 6200 Series Fabric Interconnects and Cisco UCS C-Series Rack Servers optimized for IBM BigInsights for Apache Hadoop with scalability to thousands of nodes with Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches:


Maybe IBM will ride again into the modern age? Let’s hope they catch the Unicorn Rainbow.

maxresdefault - Copy


Read More:
Thinking Bigger! Cisco + IBM – Collaboration of giants brings industry-leading solution for big data analytics


Cisco UCS Performance Manager Utilization Monitoring 26 Domains.

This is a VM with 8GB of memory and 4 cores. Performance is fine.

Cisco UCS Performance Manager Utilization Monitoring 26 Domains

Traffic slowly increase all the time. RWUCS welcomes content from Vigilante UCS Operators.

Weekly Stats Report: 21 Sep – 27 Sep 2015
Project: Realworlducs.com
URL: http://realworlducs.com/


Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Total Avg
Pageloads 126 183 182 182 118 61 44 896 128
Unique Visits 97 138 140 130 92 48 32 677 97
First Time Visits 63 88 111 82 69 29 24 466 67
Returning Visits 34 50 29 48 23 19 8 211 30

Using a piece of Bamboo for a Steering Rod, That is the UCS Spirit. That is how a UCS Operator makes it happen…

1912. “Army aviation, College Park, Maryland. Tests of Curtiss plane for Army.”

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